Bro Face Mask

Bro Face Mask

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Reusable Face Masks (non medical) now available. Very comfortable and easy to wear with an inner layer pocket for extra filtering if desired. No riding or sliding off of your nose for proper snug fit. No muffling of speech during conversations. 

• 100% Polyester Outer Layer 
Cotton/Poly Inner Layer with Filter Pocket
Stretch Fabric Ear Loops

Bro's Lightweight Reusable Face Mask. Our All Day Lightweight Reusable Face Mask is a washable and reusable non-medical mask, meant as an additional measure you can take to protect others around you. It features a lightweight design made with Cotton and Polyester fabric. The mask is designed with two layers of fabric and a filter pocket for all-day comfort and improved breathability and clear voice communication. No riding or sliding off your nose for proper fitting. Soft, non-irritating, safe on skin that is suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Equipped with Stretch Fabric ear loops. 

Recommended cleaning method: 
Remove extra filter insert if used prior to washing. 
Hand-washing or gentle washing cycle is recommended. 
Add a small amount of detergent to warm water, submerge mask and let sit for 10 minutes. 
Use gentle agitation if needed. 
Lay flat or hang to dry. 

It's recommended to clean your mask after each use. 
The filter should be replaced after cleaning.