our story

our story

Inspired by our late son that we lost at the age of 24 in 2019 who struggled for years with anxiety and depression, we want to bring more awareness to the overwhelming number of males diagnosed with mental health and suicide prevention. 

This devastating tragedy has changed our lives forever. The loss of a child is like no other, and the impact it has on everyone affected is very deep-rooted. Quinton had a strong desire to help others and we wanted to honour that virtue in him by creating a brand that allowed us to become a positive part of people's lives in more ways than one. 

BRO serves as a pathway to help save the lives of men around the world who are suffering from anxiety and depression. 

Through our ongoing initiative, “Q” we hope to make a difference in changing the face of men’s health one Bro at a time.

BRO is not just a product line - it’s a lifestyle.