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I use various @bros.grooming products daily, and I love all of them. The smell of the beard oil is amazing, and absorbs super easily. Love what Bro represents as well. Spread the word on #mensmentalhealth

Ian Halford

I have to say that I am so in LOVE with BRO products. I received my shampoo, conditioner, pomade, body wash and I am so so happy with each product. My scalp felt amazing when I used the hair wash and conditioner. The body wash is almost ephemeral in scent, leaving my skin soft and smelling clean clean clean! The pomade as stated left my hair light but also full. Just a wonderful cause, my heart is happy knowing I’m helping support a cause that has been so far overlooked by many. Men have heavy lives too, men need support too, men are human too. Thank you Bro for making a difference.

Dolores Greco

I love the Bro clothing line. Great fit and amazing style. Not to mention how much I believe in the Bro movement. Men also need support. The brand has created a way to show support and awareness for all bros who need to feel the support from other bros. Mental health is a major issue and all bros need to be there for each other.

Thomas Ephraim